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As Carrentr we are working to provide reliable and gual-faced service. Trabzon Rent A Car sector since 2010, daily car rental and fleet rental services to serve our valuable customers.
We would like to mention that we are always happy to offer quality service to ourselves by having our principle to serve with new and well-maintained vehicles. Our company, which is based in Trabzon, continues to work with many offices to serve you at the Airports.
With Carrentr we continue to expand our filament to serve you better. Trabzon As Carrentr we are aiming to get you a smooth service in Trabzon.
our valuable guests by consulting and partnership agreements with several companies established in Turkey are trying to give the best service. With Carrentr you can book online via our website on 24/7, you can contact our central office number 0462 334 0 444 and make a reservation.
Our company which is growing on car rentals continues to work in car hire in Trabzon center and airport. You can hire a car at a point where you have determined your preference.

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Address : Pelitli Mah. Vatan Caddesi No:7/A Ortahisar / Trabzon

Phone : +90 462 334 04 44

Mobile : +90 530 039 69 65

Mobile : +90 530 039 69 65

E-mail : info@carrentr.com

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