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1. In the Carrentr website, standard and optional features of the vehicles, rental prices and other information are valid at the latest update date. In this context, we declare that the information contained in this website (unless expressly stated otherwise) does not constitute a commitment on behalf of Carrentr. The user can not in any way assume that the information on the web site is inaccurate or that the information is in error.

2. Whether or not it is confidential, a booking made does not constitute an agreement for the rental vehicle property. The agreement is made during the rental period.

3. Carrentr reserves the right to change the content of the site, at its own discretion, to change or terminate any service provided to the user, and to delete the user information and data stored in this website.

4. Carrentr reserves the right to change, renew or cancel any of the "Terms of Use" without notice. Any provision that is amended, renewed or abolished shall be binding on all users at the time of publication. Carrentr is not responsible for damages resulting from interruption of access to the Site, temporary or total closure of the Site.

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6. Carrentr shall notify you by mail, e-mail, SMS, telephone call and other means via e-mail address, address, telephone and other contact information specified by the user on the Site "Membership Transactions" , Marketing, advertising, notification and other purposes. The user is entitled to withdraw from this Membership Transactions at any time without any reason whatsoever.

7. The information, services and data contained in this site shall be waived on the basis of all the responsibilities of the law. Since this information, services and data are available or available on the site, they do not assume any responsibility for the site.

8. In disputes that may arise between users and the Ccarrentr, the Carrent electronic records shall be deemed evidence.

9. Site users shall be deemed to have agreed that if a dispute arises about the site or the site, the dispute shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and shall be resolved in accordance with these laws, irrespective of the laws of disputes. In addition, users will also agree that the Trabzon Courts and Execution Offices will be authorized to resolve the dispute.